Twitter Management

Twitter Management And Your Business Success

E Cyber Solutions - Twitter ManagementSocial media marketing isn't complete without Twitter account management. Twitter is one of the leaders in social media, and has the distinction of having the most potential for viral marketing. There are workshops, books and articles pertaining to Twitter management all across the world. But, if you don't have the time to dedicate to learning the ins and outs of Twitter marketing and the time to actually do the marketing work, our team can help. eCyber Solutions are skilled in Twitter marketing campaigns and are a leader in internet marketing solutions.

Many Twitter management tools like post aggregators are developed around the care and maintenance of Twitter accounts. These tools help in growing your Twitter presence, and we take full advantage of them. Some of these tools are:

E Cyber Solutions - Twitter Management
  • HootSuite – This tool allows you to personalize columns and multiple feeds on social media at a glance. This tool helps in managing multiple activities on Twitter in a more efficient way.
  • EasyTweets – This tool helps in managing multiple Twitter accounts easily. This tool allows automatic posting of RSS feed content, tracking RSS traffic in Google Analytics. It helps to set up continuous searches for particular brand mentions.
  • CoTweet – This tool allows you to monitor brand and keywords through Twitter search. It provides good workflow management capabilities and allows you to manage up to five Twitter accounts simultaneously.
  • TweetDesk – It is one of the Twitter management tools offering advanced features such as recording, sharing and watch videos, and allows you to broadcast your posts to multiple social sites.
  • Peoplebrowsr – It provides simple visual dashboard view for social activities. You can create and manage groups by adding public and private tags.
  • WhosIn – This tool organizes your posts by topic and location, allowing a more targeted approach to social media marketing. This tool also facilitates posting, commenting and reacting on multiple social media sites simultaneously.